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This survey contains six parts. You must complete every part in order to successfully save your responses. It should take no more than 30 minutes to complete, if you prepare in advance. Please have details of your qualifications, personal interests, work experience, and possible University or College applications to hand before you start this survey.

It is recommended that you complete this survey on a PC as it is easier than using an ipad or tablet.


Only the students of participating schools can complete the survey.

Each part presents instructions at the top on how to complete the questions in that part.

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Your details

Part 1 of 6 - please provide your personal details below, to create your record.

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Qualifications and currently sitting

Part 2 of 6 - Please input details of all qualifications you have (or are studying for current year) for each year of school.
Please include any qualifications you sat but did not pass.

If you do not yet know your grade, select Unknown in the Grade field. If you have any qualifications that do not meet the criteria below, you will have the option to describe them on the following pages. Use one row per qualification.

Third / Fourth year qualifications

Subject School year taken Level of qualification Grade

Fifth year qualifications

Subject School year taken Level of qualification Grade

Sixth year / other qualifications

Subject School year taken Level of qualification Grade

Potential Applications

Part 3 of 6 - please list any applications for further or higher education that you are thinking of making. Use one row per application, up to the maximum of 6. If you have not made any decisions yet, please feel free to leave this section blank.

College / University Subject Level of study